Sensory Play

M U D ::: Sensory Delight

Polly Chase Boyden

Mud is very nice to feel
All squishy-squash between the toes!
I’d rather wade in wiggly mud
Than smell a yellow rose.

It was a rainy Monday. Then the sun peeked through the clouds for a bright moment, she lit up.

“Mama, do you want to come and play in the mud!?”

Who can resist… We splashed and jumped, we oozed our toes through the gooey mud. We laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

We’re currently loving this song from our friends Dear Saint Isaac. Especially, when our darling belts it out. Enjoy!





Sensory play with littles.


I hate messes. And yet I’m daily surrounded by this stumbling grace of books, LEGO bricks, and dog hair. So to add another chosen mess to the lot is a bit of a challenge for me.

But I love my littles more than I hate messes so I decided to delve into sensory play to stimulate their ever-growing minds. I bought two bags of split peas and poured them into a casserole dish with spoons, plastic bowls, and a Playmobil horse (random, I know). My five-year-old loved it and kept most of the peas in the dish. The two-year-old loved it too….but the peas hit the floor and table faster than you can say toddler!



After about 20 minutes they tired of the peas and we moved onto messier things.


This one was simple. I used a large stainless steel bowl and filled it with about three inches of water, a couple of cups, and a small boat. My two-year-old loves to play in water–usually, without my permission–so this was a huge success with her (she’ll be a chemist one day for all the mixing and pouring she does).

This started out on the table but for some reason (I honestly can’t remember why) moved to the kitchen sink. I rotated cold and warm water and they enjoyed playing so much!



Honestly, my toddler must have been confused at why mama was suddenly allowing what she’d so often dreamt of doing. Adults can be so confusing!

There are so many great ideas out there for sensory play. Start with something simple that you can manage and go from there.

For more ideas check out my Pinterest here. Happy playing!

NOTE*** Use caution when allowing littles to play with peas and water. I supervised mine the entire time and recommend the same.