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With Lent approaching, we’re preparing our hearts for this season. Here are a few ways we will celebrate in our home. 

Divine Hours Prayers for Springtime: daily prayers and scripture readings. We will each read this alone; some days we’ll discuss it, some we’ll just soak it in quietly. If this is all you do, it’s enough. 

Lent by The Brilliance: a lovely collection of songs for Lent. 

Messianic Seder meal with friends: Oh my stars. This is a family favorite and can be as chill or as fancy as you like. Ours differs from year to year. Here’s a Pinterest board I created with some ideas for a Messianic Seder. 

Lighting our Lent wreath each night and writing out our daily thanks in a family journal. We will do this over lunch or dinner together and share what we’re thankful for. 

40 bags in 40 days 

40 Ideas for Keeping a Holy Lent 

Lent is one of my very favorite seasons and I’m excited to begin tomorrow. What are you doing to celebrate a Holy Lent? 


Messianic Seder

For the last three years our family has celebrated a Messianic Seder meal with dear friends and their children. It’s a rich tradition full of beautiful meaning and we look forward to it with great anticipation (Find Ann Voskamp’s version free here, though this year we added masks representing the ten plagues that God brought on Egypt).

Dinner was simple and elegant (as it should be): roast beef with Portobello mushrooms, balsamic and almond roasted asparagus, rosemary roasted potatoes, salad, and a lovely paleo desert thanks to my good friend AJ (she’s the ballerina below–paleo is how she keeps her girlish figure).  Here’s a peek into our evening.

Mask3Char Mask4 MaskSeder

SederElijahChair SederTable SederTable2 tableMask




DanceSeder2 BobConstanceSeder