He asks me this in the quiet of the night. Holy hours when kids and dogs sleep, and we read side by side, silently, sometimes breaking the silence to share a line from our books, sometimes to share something on our hearts. The latter is more me than him. I married a quiet man. He married a chatty wife. We make it work.

So in this sacred stillness I blurt out the plans I’ve made for Lent and he asks in his tenderest voice: “Babe, how will we fit it all in?”

I plan to write out a list of our daily schedule on the chalkboard in our dining room. We will not meet these everyday. I get that. And I’m okay with it. Life just isn’t black and white; I’m learning to embrace the grey. But like any other “goals,” we will strive for them, and as long as our hearts are pointed in the direction of seeking more of Him and less of us — as long as we as a family are committed to moving toward the cross humbly and in expectation — we will have met this goal.

More of HIM in our everyday dealings with each other, others, and ourselves. Lord, let it be so.

Grace and Peace.


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