With Lent approaching, we’re preparing our hearts for this season. Here are a few ways we will celebrate in our home. 

Divine Hours Prayers for Springtime: daily prayers and scripture readings. We will each read this alone; some days we’ll discuss it, some we’ll just soak it in quietly. If this is all you do, it’s enough. 

Lent by The Brilliance: a lovely collection of songs for Lent. 

Messianic Seder meal with friends: Oh my stars. This is a family favorite and can be as chill or as fancy as you like. Ours differs from year to year. Here’s a Pinterest board I created with some ideas for a Messianic Seder. 

Lighting our Lent wreath each night and writing out our daily thanks in a family journal. We will do this over lunch or dinner together and share what we’re thankful for. 

40 bags in 40 days 

40 Ideas for Keeping a Holy Lent 

Lent is one of my very favorite seasons and I’m excited to begin tomorrow. What are you doing to celebrate a Holy Lent? 


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