17 years is not nearly enough….


….time to spend with the one you love.

Today we celebrate 17 years of marriage not always easy, but always choosing each other, choosing to work through the hard ugly to get to the beautiful, tender. Thank you darling for these 17 years, for these five, for always loving me in-spite of myself, for calling me brave, for taking my place, for choosing me again, and again, and again. You’ve taught me to love and be loved.

Speaking of love….

I love your smile, your warmth, the strength and love I feel when you hold me, reading in bed with you, how you make me laugh. I love your mind and the richness of our conversations. I love making music with you, so intimate. How you take time always for us, always, it overwhelms me. You inspire with your kindness and self-sacrifice, how you care for the children tenderly. I love remembering life with you all of these sacred moments. I love living life with you. Always you. You make it all joy.

I love you forever and then some.

This song’s for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FM5EAyuAG2c



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